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Our Mission

It is incredible how one small idea can grow into something truly special.

Did you know that 73% of children in North Carolina entering foster care in 2021 was due to “neglect”, while only 21% of the share was due to a “child behavior problem" and 14% was due to "abuse".

"Neglect is often closely related to poverty and a signal that with the right support and resources, a family might be able to stay together,” the report says. These kids deserve a fair shot in life and we know first hand that just a little help can go a very long way. 

YADS is rooted in the belief that we all have an inherent responsibility to make a meaningful difference in our community. Due to the graciousness of our local Wake County, NC Host Families and each donation we receive, we are able to successfully achieve our goal of giving aged out foster youth the support needed to achieve higher learning and develop skills to thrive, not just survive.


The youth will pave the way for what the future will look like in our communities. Supporting the quality of life for aged out foster young adults (ages 18-24) is our mission and a responsibility that every YADS team member takes seriously. To deliver the highest-level of assistance, our compassionate team members complete comprehensive training focused on the holistic well-being of our youth and are committed to providing a safe place for all our youth to catapult their careers from.  


Every YADS Team Member is Guided by our Core Values:

Compassion, Joy in Service, Dedication, Integrity, Empathy, Respect, Trust, Optimistic, Inspire

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Meet Our Founder/CEO

Mary  Thomas, Founder/CEO

Having gone through the devastating loss of both parents by the age of 11, Mary had to fend for herself at an early age of 16 and is no stranger to difficult circumstances like many other young adults that are place in a situation beyond their control.​


"I never thought I'd make it past 19. I tried to go to college and live on my own, but that all came with so many challenges that I remember wishing every day someone would just give me a helping hand." ​


Through hard work, persistence, and help with housing, Mary was able to finish her education and land a career in the medical field, which changed the course of her life. This not only reinforced the significance of finding a career path or workplace skills for financial security; but also highlighted that you need a safe environment that is conducive to learning in order to finish your education. Mary's education eventually led to 25+ years of successful roles in the Healthcare industry, Entrepreneurship, Business Administration and HR Management. Using her career experience and business acumen, Mary launched YADS Corp to become that helping hand to improve the future for aged-out foster youth and as a way to express gratitude for the help she received when in the same position. 


We welcome all of Wake County to Get Involved and change the landscape of our future leaders. No matter how small, your support goes a long way! 

YADS Corp CEO Mary Thomas
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