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Youth Program 

Formerly aged out foster youth need and deserve a loving family, housing, education, employment, finances and other support. YADS is working to help communities fill those gaps. Our Youth Program consists of housing formerly aged out foster youth for a period of two years as they work to be self-reliant citizens of the community. 

Program Benefits

YADS isn’t just a place to live, it’s a place for young adults to be amongst your peers and develop a sense of belonging and hope; it is a place for you to learn, prepare and inspire self-sufficiency.

- Mary Thomas, Founder & CEO


A safe and comfortable environment to focus on your education and skill development.


Reliable means of commuting to school and work via support from host or vouchers.

Skill Development

Support with finding Part-time employment as well as personal and financial development coaching.

Program Requirements


  • Within the ages of 18-24

  • Interview/tour with Program Coordinator

  • Employed (working full or part-time) or actively seeking

  • Agree to a background check (background check does not need to be clean)

  • Committed to starting a career at a technical school, community college or university

  • Must be willing to learn, work, and live independently

  • Actively participate in Independent Living skills scheduled in the home or outside agencies

Post Enrollment Requirements

  • Maintain employment (working full or part-time)

  • Schedule and meet with a Program Coordinator (monthly)

  • Join a workforce program

  • Complete a career path assessment within 6 weeks of intake

  • Attend assigned programs (e.g., life training skills, career planning, etc.) throughout the year

  • Meet with your mentor on a monthly basis

How To Get Started

Review Qualifications

Please ensure you meet the above pre-qualification requirements prior to applying.

Apply for Selection

Click Below to Download an Application Form. Email your completed form to:

Await Follow Up

Please allow 3-4 business days for us to review your application then follow up with our team.

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